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Sustainability at Bosch Rexroth – Driving a sustainable future forward

As part of the Bosch Group, sustainability is firmly anchored in our values. We are committed to contributing to a world that future generations can thrive in, and we believe that innovative technology plays a key role in achieving this goal.

We take a comprehensive approach to implementing sustainability throughout the entire product life cycle, supporting our customers in enhancing sustainability in factory automation, industrial hydraulics, and mobile machinery. Our expertise in intelligent products, solutions, and applications enables us to assist you in reaching your sustainability goals. Furthermore, we actively seek collaboration with you to unlock applications driven by energy transformation. Read on to witness how innovative technology can make a difference.

Unlock applications driven by energy transformation

From renewable power generation, low carbon mobility, energy and resource-efficient processes, to hydrogen economy and circular economy, we have developed components and solutions for machinery and equipment manufacturers to support these industries.

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Follow the journey along the product lifecycle

We strive to implement sustainability throughout the entire product life cycle. From thoughtful design and responsible purchasing to efficient logistics, production, and innovative recycling or remanufacturing solutions, we are actively taking steps to reduce our environmental impact. By embracing a circular perspective, we can identify and address key areas for improvement across our products' entire life cycle. With this approach, we also aim to support our customers in successfully transitioning to a climate-friendly circular economy, reducing their carbon footprint over the whole value chain.

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Initiating the journey through innovative design

We aim to design our products to decrease energy demand and resource consumption throughout their lifecycle, from production through operation to recycling or remanufacturing.

A selection of our activities and guiding principles:

  • Internal standards for Design for Environment.
  • Several training modules for product development and related functions.

Icons representing the raw material phase a product life cycle.

A foundation of lowering the environmental impact

We are working on reducing our upstream emissions, which means our products come with a reduced carbon footprint. Where reasonable, we manufacture and distribute local for local.

A selection of our activities and guiding principles:

  • We request our supply base to adhere to the Code of Business Conduct for Business Partners1).
  • The Carbon Footprint is a criterion of our sourcing decisions. We drive suppliers to register at CDP2) and SBTi3) and to define CO₂ reduction targets.

1) Based on German supply chain due diligence act
2) Carbon Disclosure Project
3) Science Based Target Initiative

Truck symbol representing the logistics phases of a product life cycle.

Contributing to reduced upstream emissions

Where reasonable, we manufacture and distribute local for local, which helps reduce your carbon footprint in logistics in most cases.

A selection of our activities and guiding principles:

  • Local sourcing, wherever reasonable, reduces transportation across the globe.
  • Avoid air freight whenever possible. Unplanned air freight must be reported and approved.
  • We use multi-use packaging whenever suitable.

Factory building symbol representing the manufacturing phase of a product life cycle.

Forward-thinking approaches contributing to a reduced carbon footprint

We continuously improve our production process to increase energy efficiency, utilizing renewable energy sources and promoting green electricity. This helps reduce the carbon footprint of our products.

Levers reducing CO₂ in production:

  • Energy Efficiency: Boosting energy efficiency at our locations
  • Own reneweable energy: Generating power in-house from renewable sources
  • Green Electricity: Increasing the proportion of green electricity purchased
  • Ban fossil fuels: Replace fossil fuels where reasonably possible

Symbols of an excavator and a robot arm representing the use phase of a product life cycle.

Boost energy efficiency and save resources

We are committed to enhancing the energy and resource efficiency of our products, with the goal of reducing your energy demand and resource consumption in the use phase of our products.
Bosch Rexroth places attention on the energy efficiency of products, recognizing that the most significant climate impact stems from their use.
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Bosch Rexroth offers a comprehensive spectrum of services to repair, maintain and modernize heterogeneous machines. Trained and experienced specialists support end users and machine manufactures with consulting services for energy efficiency and machine safety.
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Recycling symbol representing the recycling and Remanunfacturing phase of a product life cycle.

Extending Product Lifespans and foster resource reuse

We aim to contribute to a circular economy by assisting you in prolonging the lifespan of components, systems, machines, and even assembly lines through services such as repair, retrofitting, or remanufacturing.

Example stories:

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Through our products and solutions, we aim to empower you with high energy efficiency and resource savings in both production and daily operations, whilst always bearing in mind that you have more challenges to cope with. Explore how implementing our solutions can support your specific needs.

Sustainability report of Bosch Group:

Please find further information on sustainability within the Bosch Group: https://www.bosch.com/sustainability/