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Analytics Services

I have been working at Bosch Rexroth since the end of 2016, first as a doctoral candidate and now as an Area Product Owner of the "Analytics Services” team. When I commenced my studies, I had no idea that I would end up working in the field of automation technology. After all, I initially completed a bachelor’s degree in medical technology. However, since I covered a number of aspects of mechatronics during my studies, I decided to follow my bachelor’s degree with a master’s in mechatronics, specializing in control technology. I then had my first contact with Bosch Rexroth as part of a publicly funded project while working as a research associate at the University of Stuttgart.

My work is very varied – no two days are the same

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The task of the "Analytics Services" team is to design and develop data-based services. We do this, in particular, using methods of machine learning and deep learning. In simple terms, our aim is to train models using data, which can then be used for predictive maintenance, for example. The collection and formatting of the data in particular takes up a great deal of our time. Since machine learning is a highly dynamic field, we read a lot of scientific publications in order to remain up to date. My work is therefore very varied – no two days are the same.

Communication is the key to my work as an Area Product Owner

As an Area Product Owner, I plan the team’s objectives, monitor these in the long term, and represent us and our goals to our stakeholders. The close exchange with colleagues from the development, production, and service departments is essential to my work. The communication with other teams thus represents one of the greatest challenges that I face in my job. This is not only due to the many different cultures and languages that exist at Rexroth but is also largely attributable to the technical backgrounds of the colleagues involved. Associates from different departments speak their very own language and use terms that are unknown to us as data scientists – and vice versa of course. This requires active listening and plenty of questions as well as mutual understanding. Only if we work together can we complete projects successfully and continue to develop our product portfolio.

Since 2019, I have been working at the Customer and Innovation Center – the modern, newly founded Bosch Rexroth location in Ulm

Here, teams made up of different business units work together to devise innovative, digital business ideas. This exchange and collaboration with representatives from other business units gives rise to new ideas and sets the tone for my own work. The opportunity to play such an active part in designing and shaping a location from the outset is quite unique. These interesting and challenging tasks make Rexroth an ideal employer, while I also enjoy the flexible working conditions. Since I live in Stuttgart, I am grateful that I can easily complete many of my tasks from home.

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