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Control and Electric drive

Bosch Rexroth Sp. z o.o. invites you to participate in open trainings:

" Programming and parametrization of Rexroth IndraDrive servodrives – standard course "

Individual training for groups:

  • Standard course (two days):
  • Training schedule: day 1: 10:00–16:00, day 2: 8:00–14:00.
  • Training price (group, maximum 4 persons): EUR 1400 (net of VAT) per group,
  • Training price (per 5-6 persons): EUR 1500 (net of VAT)
  • Training price for individual participants: EUR 400 (net of VAT) per person.
  • Training dates to be agreed individually 3 weeks in advance.
  • Training agenda presented below can be modified according to individual clients' needs.
  • Training venue: company premises - Warsaw, ul. Jutrzenki 102/104
  • Training price includes materials and lunch.


  • INDRADRIVE servodrive structure presentation
  • Drive control panel
  • IndraWorks software installation and licence
  • First steps with IndraWorks, creating and managing a project
  • Working with IndraWorks software – drive parametrization
  • Creating a new project
  • Drive diagnostics and responding to errors
  • Saving and loading parameters
  • Data backup and data recovery
  • Replacement of components
  • Motor encoder referencing
  • Working modes
    • position-based control
    • speed-based control
    • torque-based control
  • Advanced operation modes
    • Motion synchronization
    • Electronic cam and CamBuilder software
    • Motion profile
  • Oscilloscope function Electric measurements of drives (power, current, torque)
  • Motion limitations
  • Scaling / units and mechanical transfer
  • Master communication – ready to use communication profiles
  • Drive control with Easy Startup Mode
  • Axis optimizing
  • Firmware update
  • IDST – IndraDrive Service Tool
  • Practical exercises with INDRADRIVE servodrives on training stations


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