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Hydraulic solutions for greater sustainability

Our solutions for the hydrogen industry

Proven industrial hydraulics solutions play a key role in building the H2 infrastructure. With Bosch Rexroth as a partner, stakeholders benefit from support geared to their needs, ranging from robust, safe components and engineering support to complete servohydraulic solutions.
For many years, Bosch Rexroth has offered compact, efficient and low-maintenance system solutions for driving piston compressors. These compressors are a key part of hydrogen fueling stations and are important when it comes to setting up a hydrogen infrastructure. In order to refuel vehicles quickly and reliably with hydrogen, it must be compressed on site to up to 900 bar. A highly available, highly efficient compression process is essential for this.
The electrohydraulic drive solutions from Bosch Rexroth offer high efficiency and precise control. They also have a high power density and are durable, reliable and compact. This is particularly beneficial in integrated solutions in containers, where every centimeter counts.


Hydrogen fueling stations and testing systems

Electrohydraulic drive systems for piston compressors and cryopumps

Electrohydraulic drive systems for piston compressors and cryopumps

The approach for systems from approx. 10 kg H2/h is based on a displacement-controlled drive with variable speed and/or variable displacement. This avoids the losses that occur when a control valve is used to manage the drive. The electrohydraulic solution allows needs-based power control. Power electronics and digital control systems also come from Bosch Rexroth. The latter play a key role in ensuring smooth running and exact process control. This way, the piston movement makes optimum use of the compression space and achieves the highest possible gas-side efficiency. A suitable compressor drive cylinder can be supplied for every electrohydraulic system.

Compact drives for small systems

Compact drives for small hydrogen systems

For smaller daily production quantities in the range of up to 10 kg H2/h, the Bosch Rexroth drive portfolio includes highly efficient complete systems in the form of servohydraulic axes (SHA). These particularly compact solutions concentrate a variable-speed drive comprising a servo motor, hydraulic pump, control block, synchronous cylinder and minimal oil volume in a very small space. Customer-specific compressors are mounted on the cylinder itself.

The SHA can be used to compress not only hydrogen, but other gases too. The SHA is already well established in the market. With its extremely compact size, it is particularly suitable for retrofitting in modular and highly mobile systems. Thanks to displacement control, our SHAs are very energy efficient. Another strength lies in their quick installation and commissioning. Firstly, they can be installed without pipework. Secondly, the pre-configured SHA is a “plug & produce” solution and thus requires no programming work. Instead, it is simply parameterized on site and is ready for immediate use.

Double rod cylinder – CGV

Double rod cylinder for medium hydrogen volumes

The CGV double rod cylinder is a durable and energy-efficient solution for compressing gases. It drives the flange-mounted gas compressor with high repeat accuracy and oscillating movements. The pre-tested cylinder, which is adjusted for end position accuracy, is easy to install regardless of position. Integrated leakage connections for gases on the cylinder simplify the design of the compressor heads. The cylinder position is determined by switching sensors. Forces of up to 2,500 kN can be realized. Speeds of up to 0.8 m/s are possible. CGV double rod cylinder are the optimum solution for your gas compressor. Durable - Powerful - Efficient.

Your Benefits:

  • Specially optimized double rod cylinder for driving compressor systems
  • robust design for maximum service life
  • Position-accurate movement thanks to end position detection for maximum output and efficiency in the compression process
  • ATEX certification available
  • optimized for operation in combination with CytroCore
Servo hydraulic drive system – CytroCore

Servo hydraulic drive systems for medium hydrogen volumes

Bosch Rexroth also offers variants developed together with partner companies for medium and smaller outputs. The 75 kW CytroCore compressor drive can be used to compress both liquid and gaseous hydrogen. For optimum energy efficiency, Bosch Rexroth relies on so-called displacement control. In addition, the drive systems for compressors require less than one square meter of installation space and are much quieter than conventional drive systems. After a one-off parameterization, they are ready for immediate use. They communicate with the control system for the hydrogen filling station via open interfaces.

Your Benefits:

  • Compact servo-hydraulic system solution with electric and hydraulic drive technology and software for positioning a double rod cylinder
  • High power density enables high movement speed for high compressor performance
  • Small footprint, low oil volume
  • Noise optimized components and design
  • Optimized for operation in combination with CGV cylinders
New cryopump – CryoPump

New cryopump: Refueling 100 kg hydrogen in 10 minutes

Bosch Rexroth developed the new electrohydraulically driven cryopump in collaboration with FirstElement Fuel, the market leader for the commercial operation of hydrogen filling stations in the USA. With a connection rating of 280 kW, it compresses liquid hydrogen to 875 bar for the direct refueling of heavy trucks. The aim is to refuel vehicles with 100 kg of hydrogen within 10 minutes. With direct refueling, there is no need for temporary storage tanks at filling stations.

Your Benefits:

  • Very high availability and robustness
  • Low loss of hydrogen
  • Low operating and energy costs due to highly efficient drive and pump technology
  • Elimination of costly high-pressure intermediate storage tanks due to high pump volume flow and controllability
  • Simplified integration into existing filling station concepts

Bosch Rexroth & Maximator Hydrogen: Innovative solutions for H2 refueling stations

Together with the company Maximator Hydrogen, Bosch Rexroth has developed a solution for efficiently compressing hydrogen in hydrogen refueling stations. With an energy-efficient drive and automatic seal changing, Maximator Hydrogen has raised the efficiency of its innovative Max Compression 2.0 compressor to an entirely new level.

Speed up construction and commissioning: Virtual engineering from Bosch Rexroth

New machine concepts and customer-specific solutions need to be rolled out more quickly than ever before. Virtual engineering is the key lever when it comes to achieving a shorter time to market. Bosch Rexroth has supported machine and system manufacturers for more than 30 years with virtual engineering, as a service provider and as a software partner.

Connected Hydraulics

Connected Hydraulics

Connected Hydraulics leverages the power and intelligence of Bosch Rexroth’s advanced hydraulics technology to break down boundaries and set new standards.

Your gateway to outstanding performance

Find out more about connected hydraulics
Find out more about connected hydraulics
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Service for your H2 infrastructure

We aim to ensure that you benefit from the efficient Bosch Rexroth H2 infrastructure solutions you use in your company. The availability of spare parts, repairs and technical support is guaranteed by us as standard, not only for all products in the current portfolio, but also for a period of at least 10 years beyond the active sales phase. These service benefits will then enter an extended Service phase.

Bosch Rexroth also offers immediate assistance at the push of a button. In the event of a malfunction, the Digital Service Assistant is available around the clock for access to the entire service portfolio. The repair service and the hotline are also there for you 24/7. And to make sure you can act rather than react in the future, Bosch Rexroth offers forward-looking services such as CytroConnect Solutions.

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