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Optimize your digital performance

With the new Productivity Boosters services package, Bosch Rexroth is helping companies to improve their productivity and the key figures on which it depends to become more competitiveness. Working together with companies, experienced production and IT specialists come up with individual solutions for practical process improvements and automation systems and even offer support during the digital transformation. The Productivity Boosters service offers everything you need to increase direct and indirect productivity by using economic digital solutions in projects of all sizes. This can be anything from quick improvements in production and intralogistics to the automation of manual work steps and gradual digitalization on the way to the Factory of the Future.

Your benefits

Lightbulb technology knowledge

Domain knowledge and application experience

The specialists in The Productivity Boosters team are experts in a range of technological areas – from automation and digitalization to connecting higher-level systems and cloud applications in existing infrastructure. Our network of strategic partners can provide additional expertise to you.

Tailored solutions

Tailored solutions

Our modular range of services are geared to your individual needs. They range from e.g. optimizing processes from an organizational point of view, automating workflows and improving intralogistics to digitalizing the value stream and gradually introducing AIoT approaches.

The Productivity Boosters do not leave customers alone with the results – we help them to implement them in a practical manner. Experience shows that productivity can often be increased significantly through organizational measures or simple digitalization steps – with low investment costs.

Digital transformation

Digital transformation

As key users of the approved solutions, the specialists know that when digitalizing value creation a strategy involving many small steps can be a cost-effective way of achieving success quickly. During pilot projects, production managers and employees can gain initial experience, evaluate the improvements and digitalize the next work steps. Thanks to the transparency of all important parameters on locations, employees can identify problems in real time and solve them before they reduce productivity.


Icon smart products

Smart products

Our smart products are combined with smart services in a use case oriented approach. This ensures our smart products are suitable for different types of production and scalable according to your set-up, such as your IT infrastructure. With the Productivity Boosters included, our customers have this immediate added value as just one of the many benefits of working with us.

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We offer a modular range of consultancy services geared to your individual needs. They range from optimizing organizational processes, automating work steps and improving intralogistics, to digitalizing the value stream and gradually introducing Industry 4.0 approaches.

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Projects are implemented in a complementary way alongside engineering, product management and partners. If needed, the Productivity Boosters can bring in other experts, partners and IT integrators at the realization phase. Whatever the nature of your project, you can expect an ecosystem that achieves the agreed deliverables and provides added value.

Icon smart solution

Smart solution

The Productivity Boosters smart solution is a holistic, shop floor oriented and scalable approach. We will work with you to evaluate potential within your production, determine the actions needed and create a roadmap using a set of approved methods to achieve quick wins through digitalization or process improvement. You can be confident of a solution that best fits your requirements, your pain points and your budget.