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Everything always at hand: With Rexroth profiles, you can easily reconcile lean production concepts, efficiency, cost effectiveness, and ergonomics. Flexible solutions for supplying materials to the workstation guarantee an optimum workflow along your assembly line. Klick on the solutions below to ask for further advise or just use them for inspiration.

Solution examples for you to apply

PTS Automation employee working at lockable kanban flow rack

Ergonomic lift with lockable Kanban flow rack

The combination of a lift and Kanban flow racks allows the ergonomic loading of Kanban flow racks. Thereby the employees' wokload is reduced due to a lifting force constantly independent of the load. Simple box transport without adding additional energy and correct rack stocks can be achieved.

  • Ergonomic lift for the power-assisted lifting of loads
  • Gravity-driven Kanban supply and return lines
  • Lockable unloading point

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Application of a Bosch Rexroth kanban flow rack

Kanban flow rack

Flow rack systems by Rexroth can be used as central supermarket shelves or directly at a work-station to supply containers, offering you maxi-mum cost-effectiveness and future usability.

  • Various color-coded conveyor tracks and rollers
  • Custom features and dimensions
  • Easy conversion and trouble-free expand-ability
  • Efficiency with FiFo method

Video: Flow rack systems

Picture of two Material Shuttles from Bosch Rexroth

Material shuttles

The logistics material shuttle is used to manually link a supermarket shelf with workstations, or to link two workstations or production islands.

  • For systematic kanban supply in production
  • Adjustable material shelf height, offset, and tilt to ensure ergonomic grabbing
  • Different versions for different loads available

Video: Customized material shuttles

Employee working at picking stations with kanban flow racks from Bosch Rexroth

Picking stations with kanban flow racks

Optimal lean and ergonomic material supply can be realized with the seamless combination of kanban flow racks and picking stations.

  • Adaptable layer heights and inclination
  • Various accessories such as label clips
  • Compatibility and trouble-free expand-ability

Video: Flow rack systems

Multi-user workstation with dockable material shuttle from Bosch Rexroth

Multi-user workstation with dockable material shuttle

Configurable workstations by Rexroth can provide the optimal working height for any user. With the compatible dockable material shuttles the workstation can be adapted quickly to changing products and according assembly processes in order to optimize the workflow and the efficiency.

  • Custom dimensions and accessories
  • Fast and easy conversion of workstation and material shuttle
  • Workstations available with electric lifting modules for even more flexibility
Application of Bosch Rexroth FiFo station

FiFo station

With its guide rails serving as fixed tracks for dollies, material shuttles, and carts, the FiFo station (First in first out) helps to standardize material supply in production environments and ensures clear, transparent production operations.

  • Implementation of the Kanban principle
  • Clear visualization to help minimize inventories
  • Customized adaption thanks to modularity

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