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Hägglunds Inside Intelligence

You and your drive system can both do more with Bosch Rexroth expertise.

By selecting a Hägglunds drive solution, you've already chosen wisely. And with Hägglunds Inside Intelligence, your choice becomes that much smarter.

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Hägglunds Products

A Hägglunds direct drive system comprises a hydraulic motor and a flexibly placed drive unit, overseen by a control and monitoring system. This simple configuration withstands the challenges of virtually any application or environment.


Hägglunds Inside Intelligence is a modern suite of digital services that connect you and your drive with Bosch Rexroth expertise. Through smart technology within your drive system – combined with mobile devices and interactive solutions – it puts our half-century of experience right in your hands.

What matters isn’t the technology, but the productivity and peace of mind you achieve. Through instant analysis, realtime advice and condition monitoring, as well as predictive maintenance and other forms of proactive support, we help you increase your drive utilization and lower your cost of ownership.

Hägglunds CM and CMp with ODiN

Hägglunds CM and Hägglunds CMp with ODiN enable condition monitoring by establishing a link between your drive system and Bosch Rexroth expertise. Hägglunds CM provides entry-level monitoring and logging, while Hägglunds CMp with ODiN offers a machine health index, including historical data, trending and deeper analytics. The latter’s secure and encrypted data communication lets us – or your own skilled engineers – look within your drive to optimize performance and initiate condition-based maintenance.

Hägglunds InSight Live

Using augmented reality, Hägglunds InSight Live connects Bosch Rexroth service experts with the local maintenance team on site. Through a mobile device or a pair of video goggles, our central service experts literally see what the onsite team sees. In real time, they can provide instruction and interact visually to guide service actions.