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Industry 4.0 Smart Automation Demonstrator


Discover smart automation today

Bosch Rexroth created the Smart Automation Demonstrator to show how Smart Factory technology and our Open Core Engineering platform can transform the automation of production processes.

It shows the potential for convertible production with a lot size of one, the application of cyber-physical systems, RFID-based assembly and app-based production logistics and control, demonstrating how smart automation is realised through decentralised intelligent automation solutions.


Autonomous processing stations

The Smart Automation Demonstrator has five independent, intelligent stations. Each operates totally autonomously and without data sharing. Production data for the individual station’s assembly process is downloaded through a RFID tag on the workpiece. Processing steps – such as automatic, documented screwing – are undertaken independently, and station replacement can be carried out without programming or parameterisation.

Open standards for data exchange

Apps for the Smart Automation Demonstrator use Open Core Engineering, which simplifies tasks like commissioning, diagnostics and overall station operations. Functions use open core control. Unlimited data exchange is made possible by open standards such as Multi-Ethernet and OPC UA.


More energy-efficient automation

For increased energy efficiency, the Smart Automation Demonstrator’s function toolkit, “Energy Management,” puts system elements that consume energy into standby mode depending on the system’s needs. Similarly, it reduces power peaks by staggering axis motion starts rather than lengthening cycle times.


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