VarioFlowplus Tachometer

Now even faster at 120 m/min.

Woman is looking at VarioFlow plus Chain Conveyor.

Running your products quickly in three dimensions: that moves us.

The VarioFlow transports lenses with higher productivity through workplace connectivity.

VarioFlow plus in the eyeglass lens industry

View the efficient method used to transport lenses to manual workstations.

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Bosch Rexroth VarioFlow plus Chain Conveyor System with packed boxes

Flexible transport system for efficient operation

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BOOST YOUR PRODUCTION with the VarioFlow plus chain conveyor system.

Today, user requirements for transport solutions are more demanding than ever. With the VarioFlow plus, Bosch Rexroth offers you a high-performance, standardized and versatile chain conveyor system. Create your custom conveyor solution from our extensive modular system. Even in close quarters and in the most demanding spatial conditions, VarioFlow plus can meet any challenge.

The system at a glance

Industry overview

With its machine interlinking and product transport, the VarioFlow plus is suitable for a wide range of industries, including

  • food and packaging
  • healthcare
  • automotive and electrical

System benefits

  • Direct and indirect product transport in horizontal and vertical configurations
  • Cost-effective: Rolling friction in the horizontal curves enables longer distances & requires fewer drives
  • Longer service life and reduced downtimes: Machining-free sliding surfaces reduces wear and tear
  • Space-saving: Horizontal curve radius for all sizes
  • Fast planning, project planning and visualization with MTpro
  • Extensive modular system & high degree of customization options


VarioFlow plus is available in an aluminum version that is the most economical

Aluminum system

Economical basic version

  • Open and closed profile version
  • Internal groove for attaching main components such as drive, diverter and curves
  • External groove for mounting side guides, supports or other accessories
  • FDA-compliant materials and stainless steel ball bearings with food-grade grease filling

Technical key data

  • Product weight: up to 3 kg / 34.5 mm
  • Speed: up to 60 m/min
  • Chain width: 65-320 mm

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VarioFlow Plus stainless steel serves higher hygiene requirements

Stainless steel system

Suitable for higher hygiene requirements

  • Compact clean section profiles minimizese possible deposit points
  • Stainless steel glide bars enable use even in abrasive environments
  • FDA-compliant materials and stainless steel ball bearings with food-grade grease filling

Technical key data

  • Product weight: up to 3 kg / 34.5 mm
  • Speed: up to 60 m/min
  • Chain width: 65-320 mm

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VarioFlow plus ESD system prevents electrostatic discharge

ESD system

Avoid electrostatic charge with a combination of Aluminum, Stainless steel and special ESD components

  • Components and parts suitable for use in an EPA (Electrostatic Protected Area)
  • Conductive components
  • Conductive connection technology
  • No additional grounding straps

Technical key data

  • Size: 65 mm and 90 mm
  • Max. Chain tensile force: 600 N

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VarioFlow plus transport of products over a pallet

Workpiece pallet system

For the transport of products

  • That cannot be transported directly on the chain
  • Whose surfaces must not touch each other in the jam
  • That are sensitive
  • That must be positioned for handling tasks
  • With comprehensive functional solutions

Technical key data

  • Sizes: 65mm and 90mm
  • Chain type: flat chain (white, grey and ESD)

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The VarioFlow plus wedge conveyor transports products

Wedge conveyor

For the transport of products

  • That are difficult to convey vertically due to their shape
  • That steep vertical inclines (> 30°) cannot be realized because of the center of gravity position
  • That would be damaged by side or overpasses due to sensitive surfaces
  • That may not slip in 90° inclines or slopes (e.g. with carrier pockets)
  • That are to be conveyed without engaging or disengaging

Technical key data

  • Product weight: up to 1.5 kg / 34.5 mm
  • Speed: up to 60 m/min
  • Chain width: 90 mm

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Vertical product transport with the spiral conveyor

Spiral conveyor

  • Spiral conveyors enable vertical product transport and serve as buffer storage in the smallest of spaces
  • To complement the range of chain conveyors, Bosch Rexroth cooperates with smartPac, a well-known and experienced manufacturer of spiral conveyors
  • The spiral conveyors are based on standardized components of the VarioFlow system

Technical key data

  • Size: 80-320 mm
  • Height difference: max. 3000 mm between inlet and outlet
  • Gradient: 5-12°


Success Stories

Chain conveyor system vario flow plus success story omega optix

Eyeglass lense industry

The VarioFlow plus chain conveyor system efficiently transports eyeglasses to manual work stations.

Tea bags being transported on a VarioFlow plus chain conveyor system from Bosch Rexroth

Tea production

The chain conveyor system VarioFlow plus brings tea in motion – even in narrow space.

Three VarioFlow plus chain conveyor belts with packed boxes


VarioFlow plus in a logistic application in the tightest of space: transporting Schaefer boxes to manual packaging stations and then transporting to be dispatched.

VarioFlow plus chain conveyor belt as an overhead conveyor for transporting vehicle roof liners

Automotive industry

VarioFlow as a suspended conveyor to transport vehicle headliners in the automotive industry.