CytroMotion - Self-contained actuator


Driven by Efficiency
Compact, Open, Ready
CytroMotion stands for impressive power density,
easy handling and high efficiency over the service life.

Compact self-contained actuator

The compact self-contained actuator CytroMotion raises the efficiency of hydraulic linear axes in the power class up to 6.2 kW to a new level. The simple engineering and fast commissioning with purely electrical control also inspire designers and technicians without hydraulic experience. Users appreciate the clear product selection, maintenance-free operation and high productivity with maximum energy efficiency.

Key technical data:

  • Nominal power up to 6.2 kW
  • Maximum pushing force 275 kN
  • 740 mm/s maximum speed
  • 1000 mm maximum stroke length


Open & scalable - How CytroMotion shortens engineering

Open interfaces – Easy engineering

  • A simple configurator enables quick selection of the optimal drive solution
  • Compatibility with all common servo converters/controls ensures design reliability
  • No proprietary software tools required, they remain in your control architecture

Quick integrated - This is how CytroMotion boosts commissioning

Few connections – Fast commisioning

  • Considerable reduction of effort through pre-tested overall system
  • Electrical competence is sufficient – no specific hydraulic know-how required
  • Power and signal data required – no pipe or hose connections
  • Simple control integration and fast setup via parameter file

Energy efficient - How CytroMotion increases productivity

Minimize resources – Maximize results

  • Power-on-demand through displacement control
  • Intelligent functional circuits reduce the energy requirement in the process
  • Characteristics that can be adapted to individual product via control parameters enable higher production output and process stability
  • Monitor and control current energy requirements via built-in sensors

Rubust and reliable - How CytroMotion increases availability

High productivity – Low maintenance

  • Robust against impact loads and vibrations due to system-integrated hydraulic damping
  • No downtime due to hose or filter replacement
  • Integrated sensor technology enables early detection of potentially critical product conditions

We support you with your challenges

Your challenge: Long piping connections

Long piping connections

Your challenge: The last remaining hydraulic actuator

The last remaining hydraulic actuator

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Life expectation of electromechanical actuators

Your challenge: Space and length limitation

Space (lenght) limitation

Your challenge: Shock loading occurs during process

Shock loading occurs during process

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