Advancing Semiconductor Automation

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Advancing Semiconductor Automation.

Advancing semiconductor automation performance with precision & expertise

700 process steps. Three months from blank wafer to completed chips. 114 billion transistors in a single system-on-a-chip microprocessor. Unprecedented growth in demand. Virtually no other manufacturing process demands the nanoscale accuracy, ultra-precise control and copy-exact technology required to create the chips that are the foundation of our digital world.

Solving these challenges to create each new generation of chips calls for automation technology with outstanding quality and tool-proven performance. With the industry’s most complete factory automation solutions, Bosch Rexroth has the trusted technology, deep industry expertise, and collaborative relationships to expand your resources and deliver the critical technical performance semiconductor manufacturing demands.

In applications ranging from wafer handling and transport through process chambers to testing and inspection, our efficient pre-engineered assemblies and custom-designed automation solutions give tool builders and fabs the performance they need: ultra-precise movement, nanoscale control and long-lasting operation to sustain the highest levels of production quality and productivity.

Partnering for your competitive edge

wafer lift

Innovative portfolio

Leading tool builders and end-user fabs count on our broad cross-technology automation solutions combining open controls, sophisticated mechatronics and advanced linear transport. Our custom, pre-engineered and tested systems and subassemblies streamline operations, delivering smooth, precise motion and nanoscale positioning accuracy.

Engineers consult

Performance-driven expertise

We are the motion control experts, so you can focus on your complex semiconductor processes. As collaborative partners, we build productive engineer-to-engineer relationships. Our team of technology and motion control experts apply deep semiconductor automation expertise to solve complex challenges with custom, scalable, copy-exact solutions.

Responsive service

Responsive service

A single tool out of service can cost a fab millions in lost production. From spec to design to prototype to final implementation … and beyond … our highly responsive lifecycle support, with service teams located in industry hubs across the globe, are ready to evaluate and deliver the critical support you need to help ensure fab uptime is maximized.

Resources: Engineering complete automation solutions

Semiconductor Manufacturing Automation

Semiconductor Manufacturing Animation

From precision motion control to process automation, allow Bosch Rexroth to show you how our complete solutions can push your semiconductor manufacturing process to the next level. Whether you're a manufacturer looking to optimize your production processes or an automation expert interested in the latest trends, this animation is a must-watch.



The semiconductor chip is the physical foundation of our digital world. Its value and use will only expand, driving levels of demand unmatched by any other modern technology. Bosch Rexroth has the complete automation solutions the semiconductor industry needs for the future. Download our brochure to lean how you can expand your resources and accelerate your solutions.

Cleanroom Chart

Cleanroom Chart

Semiconductor tools and fabrication facilities demand stringent environmental oversight to safeguard wafers and integrated circuits throughout processing and packaging. Our support aids tool and fabrication engineers in adhering to environmental standards, ensuring cleanliness through rigorous testing of our products and providing tailored solutions to meet precise requirements. View our cleanroom chart here.

Cross Technology

Cross Technology

The global semiconductor industry is undergoing a new era of rapid expansion. Governments and manufacturers are investing billions of dollars to build and equip new semiconductor fabs to meet current and future demand. Find out how Bosch Rexroth is using cross-technology solutions to overcome these challenges by reading this article.



Chip manufacturers need more efficient ways to get new production lines up and running, all while supporting the continuation of Moore’s Law with ever smaller, more powerful and more affordable microchips. Read this Q&A to understand why responsive service is critical to semiconductor manufacturing.



Bosch Rexroth delivers a complete approach to semiconductor solutions with the expert support, trusted performance and custom, cross-technology subassemblies tool builders and design engineers need to stay agile and competitive. Learn how custom subassemblies are accelerating semiconductor automation engineering..

The Value of Mechatronic Subassemblies

The Value of Mechatronic Subassemblies

Every fab, every tool, has extremely unique processes and operating requirements. In this informative Technical Article, our motion control experts detail the advantages of complete, custom subassemblies and how we design and produce these sophisticated mechatronic solutions. Read the article.

Broad cross-technology semiconductor automation portfolio


Open, compact, extremely precise

Nanoscale-accuracy and virtually vibration-free movement are key precision requirements for semiconductor tools. Our revolutionary ctrlX AUTOMATION platform and our expanding compact servo drive family provide the powerful, proven motion control technology that drives our automation solutions with:

  • A Linux real-time operating system
  • App-based programming technology
  • Full support for EtherCAT
  • Web-based engineering
  • Advanced authoring tools for semiconductor applications

Maximum process control
Maximum process control
Smart mechatronics

Smart MechatroniX: Smarter handling solutions

Semiconductor tool gantry handling systems need efficiency, stability and ease of integration. Our Smart MechatroniX systems combine proven linear motion components with smart, easy-to-program controls to deliver torsion-free positioning with high accuracy through:

  • Simplified engineering and tool integration
  • High-dynamic, high-precision coordination of two axes
  • Maximum contour control through real-time synchronization

Start designing your solution.
Start designing your solution.

Fully integrated and tested mechatronics

Complete mechatronics solutions with all the technology from one supplier: That’s the unique value Bosch Rexroth brings to custom mechatronics subassemblies. Through smart, well-engineered integration of linear components and electronic motors, controls and sensors, you reduce your in-house engineering efforts because we supply:

  • A wide range of precision linear modules
  • Controls and drives configured for semiconductor applications
  • Deep expertise engineering complete mechatronics
  • Complete subassembly configuration and testing operation

Let’s build a complete solution.
Let’s build a complete solution.
Flexible Transport System

Flexible transport: Non-contact material movement

Moving wafers in process from one chamber or process tool to the next demands flawless, vibration-free transport. Bosch Rexroth is ready to meet multiple material movement challenges with advanced linear motor platforms such as ACTIVE Mover and the Flexible Transport System. Our total transport and conveyor offering features:

  • The industry’s widest range of transport technologies to make it easier to select the best platform
  • Robust components and innovative technology that ensure high reliability at low maintenance costs
  • Linear motor-based transport systems that support ultra-precise endpoints and accelerations up to 4g
  • Consistent modular design combined with our MTpro tool to speed up planning and allow easy upgrades

Start your solution.
Start your solution.
Linear motion products

Linear motion: Continuous innovation for precise motion

Even the slightest vibration when wafers are in motion can harm chip quality. By constantly updating our range of innovative linear axes, we refine the efficiency and stability of all our linear motion products and modules. As an industry leader and innovator for over 30 years, we’ve constantly enhanced our portfolio to feature:

  • Profiled rail systems
  • Linear bushings and shafts
  • Complete ball screw assemblies
  • Precision linear modules, such as the PSK Gen 2

Precision motion is engineered in.
Precision motion is engineered in.
Looking for the right partner to provide expert insight on complete automation solution design, implementation and lifecycle support? Contact us, and a Bosch Rexroth automation expert will be ready to work with you on your challenges.