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Mechatronic subassemblies play an integral and valuable role in a non-stop manufacturing world.

Through smart, well-engineered integration of linear components and electronic motors, controls and sensors, subassemblies provide complete solutions that make it easier for machine builders to quickly build complex manufacturing systems for demanding industries ranging from pharmaceutical packaging to semiconductor fabrication.

To ensure that our mechatronic subassemblies satisfy all requirements, Rexroth has created a complete subassembly configuration and testing operation with state-of-the-art production equipment and quality processes.

Our Broad Range of Capabilities

It is even smarter!

Bosch Rexroth is uniquely positioned to satisfy the emerging requirements of subassemblies.

  • When selecting mechatronics suppliers, it’s important to assess both products offered and the organization’s engineering resources, experience and capabilities.
  • Successful suppliers continually design, prototype and create complex linear motion subassemblies to meet a range of applications and systems.
  • The point of contact, technical expertise, resources, costs and development timelines should all be considered for your mechatronics solution.

Download Tech Paper
Download Tech Paper


Medical/Clinical Diagnostics Instruments

Medical/Clinical diagnostics Instruments

Ballscrew, Rail, with Motor provided as a 'ready-to-mount' assembly to customer interfaces.

Wafer Lifts in Semiconductor Manufacturing

Wafer lifts in semiconductor manufacturing

Cost optimized design of subassembly - Prototype building and testing at customer site - Production of electromechanical subassembly tested and ready for installation

Wafer Spin Motor Custom Assembly

Wafer spin motor custom assembly

Some unique design challenges included large moment load, cooling, integration of load cell, accommodation of leveling, and mounting features that were solved utilizing several sizing tools such as IndraSize and Linear Motion Design (LMD) and the help of our experts.

Adjustable motor assemblies for wafer polishing

Adjustable motor assemblies for wafer polishing

Components included: Ball rails, runner blocks, ball screw assembly, MFT rotor and stators, MS2N motor, and IndraDrive Cs servo drives. Benefits included: mounting & leveling features, reduced assembly time, single bearing solution, and liquid cooling for a smaller footprint.

High Precision CKL Module for Metrology

High precision linear motor for metrology

- Profiled Rail Assemblies - Linear Motors - Servo Drives Customer benefits include assembled solution tested, ready for mounting to customers granite table, built in clean room, laser inspection report.

 Aerospace Drilling

Aerospace drilling

- Custom Linear Actuator moving drill bar fixtures into place - Profiled Rail Assemblies - Ball Screw Assembly Customer benefits include: Single source responsibility for system performance, 3rdParty gearbox included, and assembly-ready for mounting in existing machine.