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Stackable single axis hydraulic pilot controllers


Hydraulic pilot control units

Hydraulic pilot control units of the type 2TH6 operate on the basis of direct operated pressure reducing valves. Pressure in the relevent control port is proportional to the stroke of the control lever. This pressure control as a function of the control lever position and the characteristics of the control spring enables the proportional hydraulic control of directional valves and high response control valves for hydraulic pumps and motors.


  • Precise and play-free control characterisitcs
  • Low actuation force at the lever
  • Rust-free plunger
  • Stackable single axis controllers, up to 6 controllers in one assembly
  • Lever operator available "L" spring center, "P" friction detent, or "M" 3-position detent available
  • Standard die-cast aluminum base or cast iron base for marine or underground applications

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