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Plug-in switching amplifier


Fast switching amplifier for standard directional valves

The VT-SSBA1 switching amplifier is directly mounted on the valve’s K4 connector. It is supplied with 24 V direct voltage. As a fast switching amplifier, the VT-SSBA1 considerably reduces the switching time of standard directional valves in connection with 12 V solenoid coils. As a power reducer, the switching amplifier considerably reduces the holding current when using 24 V standard directional valves.


  • Control of hydraulic on/off valves with 12 V solenoids which are to be switched fast (fast switching amplifier)
  • Energy saving due to power reduction when controlling hydraulic on/off valves with 24 V solenoids (power reducer)
  • Suitable for controlling on/off valves of type WE6 and WE10 with 12 V or 24 V DC solenoids
  • Potted-in cable with open end
  • 3-conductor connection, power supply and release separated
  • Short-circuit proof output
  • Status display of the switching status by LED
  • CE mark

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