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The new VEI-16 family incorporates a new solenoid concept providing excellent performance and enables cartridges to work in severe environment. Cartridges also incorporates advanced design of hydraulic parts providing excellent hydraulic performance.

All valves are using our new D36 coils*

Common coils are e.g.:

  • R901393412 -- OD02360130OB00 -- 12 VDC DIN ISO
  • R901393577 -- OD02360130OC00 -- 24 VDC DIN ISO
  • R901394391 -- OD0236203POB00 -- 12 VDC Deutsch Connector
  • R901394393 -- OD0236203POC00 -- 24 VDC Deutsch Connector
  • R901435508 -- OD02360730OB00 -- 12 VDC AMP-Junior Connector
  • R901435506 -- OD02360730OC00 -- 24 VDC AMP-Junior Connector
other connector and voltage available, please check data sheet RE18325-90

*available also with UL certification

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pilot operated poppet type
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