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It’s time to streamline how automation works. From start to finish, Bosch Rexroth does more to engineer and deliver the most complete, harmonized, and easy-to-use factory automation solutions today’s manufacturers want. With a factory automation portfolio that offers the broadest selection, our solutions go beyond advanced components to include digital engineering tools and customized support that enables you to solve the most intricate engineering challenges.

With more than 225 years of engineering expertise, you can trust us to help you expand your productivity, giving you the advantage you need to get to market faster. Application-driven. Results-focused. Service-oriented. That’s factory automation from Bosch Rexroth.

Resources: Discover how we put our technology to work

ctrlX New freedom in automation engineering


Bosch Rexroth defines four essential capabilities needed to streamline how automation systems are engineered and implemented to boost factory productivity.

ctrlX New freedom in automation engineering


Learn how the “smartphone of automation” is transforming the very nature of automation control. Read “The New Freedom in Engineering: The ctrlX AUTOMATION Platform."

ctrlX New freedom in automation engineering


DWFritz Automation’s CEO, Mukesh Dulani discusses the successful partnership and a completely customized automation solution that integrates multiple Rexroth technologies.

smart mechatronics in the factory of the future


Read “Smart MechatroniX: Smart Solution Packages for the Factory of the Future” for full details on how Smart MechatroniX can make your production more transparent, efficient and reliable.

Factory automation technology portfolio


ctrlX AUTOMATION: Automation without limits

ctrlX AUTOMATION eliminates the classic boundaries between machine controls, the IT world and the Internet of Things to move manufacturing automation two steps ahead. Revolutionizing how the industry approaches automation platforms by making automation as easy to use as a smartphone, it offers:

  • A Linux real-time operating system
  • App programming technology
  • Consistent open standards
  • Web-based engineering
  • A comprehensive IoT connection

Revolutionize your automation controls
Revolutionize your automation controls
Smart mechatronics

Smart MechatroniX: Plug-and-produce platforms

Bosch Rexroth advances plug-and-produce manufacturing solutions with Smart MechatroniX. Combining proven linear motion components with smart, easy-to-program controls and simplified commissioning and integration, Smart MechatroniX offers unique advantages to our complete automation solutions, like:

  • Accelerated engineering, commissioning and time to market
  • More transparent, efficient and reliable production
  • High operating performance and sustainability through permanent updating

Start designing your solution
Start designing your solution
Active Mover linear transport system

Conveyors and material transport: Scalable solutions

Moving high quantities with short cycle times? Producing small batches with high variation? Bosch Rexroth conveyors and transport systems combine innovation with efficiency and flexibility. With ActiveMover, VarioFlow plus and TS conveyors, we offer:

  • Efficient motors plus modular designs that help prevent over-dimensioning and energy loss
  • Robust components and innovative technology that ensure high reliability at low maintenance costs
  • Linear motor-based transport systems that support ultra-precise endpoints and accelerations up to 4g
  • Consistent modular design combined with our MTpro tool that speeds up planning and allows easy upgrades

Get started
Get started
MP1000R autonomous mobile robot

Autonomous mobile robots: Improve manufacturing intralogistics

Bosch Rexroth’s expanding portfolio of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) are designed to help improve worker safety and material movement efficiency in manufacturing and warehouse intralogistics applications, without additional infrastructure. Our MP1000R AMR includes:

  • A compact design ideal for tight turning spaces
  • A max payload of 1,000 kilograms
  • 360-degree obstacle detection and front-and-rear anti-collision bumpers

Move your solution forward.
Move your solution forward.

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