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Accumulator shut-off block - Type ABZSS

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The accumulator shut-off block serves for the protection, isolation and unloading of hydraulic accumulators.

It is classified based on its use according to the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU article 4, section 3. The connection between the accumulator shut-off block and the accumulator is realized by means of an accumulator adapter. The accumulator is protected from inadmissible overpressure by means of the pressure relief valve. The pressure relief valve must not be used for any control tasks. Sufficient difference between the maximum operating pressure and the working pressure must be ensured. Response of the pressure relief valve should be prevented, if possible.

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Accumulator shut-off block ABZSS
Type of connection
Nominal diameter
Component series
Series 3X
Accumulator adapter
For detail description of accumulator adaptors and corresponding geometry please take a look into datasheet
Pressure adjustment (bar)
others upon request
Pressure relief valve
Pressure relief valve, type-examination tested (with CE mark)
Voltage type
For the connection to the AC voltage mains, a DC solenoid which is controlled by a rectifier is to be used (See Datasheet). For individual connection, a large mating connector with integrated rectifier can be used.
Electrical connection
Seal material
Connection thread
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