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Energy efficiency at high performance: Large Electric Drives up to 4 megawatts


Efficient even in multi-megawatt applications

Whenever very high performance is needed, there is also a big potential for savings. IndraDrive ML reduces power consumption even in multi-megawatt applications – in addition to an increased productivity.

They are optimised according to efficiency requirements, function according to demand, and offer numerous opportunities for energy recovery according to the principles of Rexroth 4EE. In multi-axis applications, the drives enable the use of braking energy within the drive assemblage via DC-bus coupling. Moreover, excess energy can be fed back into the plant’s power grid.

Energy is not wasted: The IndraDrive ML offers additional savings potential with concepts for static and rotational energy storage as well as the Smart Energy Mode software function. In addition, air and liquid cooling systems offer different ways of dissipating and using waste heat. With IndraDrive ML Rexroth offers modular high performance drives that are scalable from 110 kW to 500 kW. Through a parallel connection of up to 8 devices, it is possible to design a breakthrough solution with a drive power of up to 4 MW.

Economised at high performance

Numerous opportunities for energy saving

  • Feed power back into the grid
  • DC-bus coupling
  • Kinetic Buffering
  • Electric Buffering
  • Smart Energy Mode
  • Efficient heat recovery