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  • Industry 4.0
    Industry 4.0

    Industry 4.0

    Industry 4.0 creates new opportunities for manufactures and OEMs through merging decentralised intelligence, fast connectivity, open standards, real-time integration and autonomous behavior.

  • Energy Efficiency
    Energy Efficiency

    Energy Efficiency

    Rexroth understands your requirements and knows how you can leverage the potential of all drive and control technologies. Our 4EE systematic approach helps you identify and exploit all energy saving potentials throughout your operation.


Adaptive Welding

Reduce production costs and improve product quality:

• Would you like to improve welding consistency on your production line?

• Does your welding reduce productivity output?

• Would you like to avoid time intensive, unreliable quality control processes?

Drive Technology

Machine drive cabinets are placing an increasing strain on manufacturing space. The new white paper identifies five catalysts for change with drive technology.

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Service Survey

Service Survey

Read our hard-hitting new report published which highlights critical maintenance failings that risk the long term health and productivity of British manufacturing.

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Machine Safety

You can always achieve better performance, better ergonomics, less downtime and a higher degree of flexibility with Safety on Board.


We Move Everything

With our drive and control technology we combine our cutting edge technology and engineering know-how to help your business.

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Oil Contamination

Failure to conduct oil checks a “major cause” of hydraulic failure

Bosch Rexroth has created a report which calls on engineers to implement regular oil analysis as part of a preventive maintenance programme.

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Rexroth 4EE - Rexroth for Energy Efficiency

Rexroth 4EE bundles, structures and focuses multiplicity technologies and solutions, that accounts to use energy intelligent.


Do you need help tackling poor ergonomic design in your workplace?

Bosch Rexroth has created a study into the impact of ergonomics on productivity, quality and employee health.

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