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Breakthrough filter technology for maximum hydraulic performance

New Filter materials for hydraulic systems:

Improve your retention rates and increase your dirt holding capacity with our new filter element


Reduce your total cost of ownership through advanced filtration

According to research, 80% of hydraulic system malfunctions can be traced back to fluid contamination. Consequently, a filter fit for the challenge is required to achieve fluid cleanliness.

The newest generation of filters from Bosch Rexroth are able to improve retention rates and increase dirt-holding capacity. Rexroth is the first filter manufacture to offer a construction utilising electrically conducted layer for all production elements.

Benefits of the new filter elements:

  • Up to 50% higher dirt-holding capacity
  • 10% reduction of energy loss across the element
  • Optimised pressure drop
  • Longer equipment service life and better performance
  • Electrically conductive layer as standard
  • Reduced total costs of ownership

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