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A guide to best practice in hydraulic fluid selection and management

Keeping things fluid

How to chose the correct fluid for your application based upon todays demanding design requirements and harsh environments


Ensure performance and longevity of equipment

The need for greater volumes of power has revolutionised the use and design of hydraulic systems. Today, hydraulic components are more compact and working a much higher pressures, resulting in increasing power density and causing greater stress on equipment. Choosing the correct fluid can optimise performance and equipment life-cycles whilst minimising damage and failure. Download our white paper to understand how to choose the correct fluid for your application.


  • The importance of selecting the correct fluid
  • How to choose the correct hydraulic fluid
  • How to assess fluids
  • Qualities for the right hydraulic fluid
  • Defining the specification and selection process
  • How to maintain your oil inside and out
  • The importance of regular fluid analysis
  • Correct storage and handling of fluid

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