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United Kingdom

Rolling mill system updated to state-of-the-art safety technology.

Project designation Modernization of a rolling mill system
Industry Metallurgy
Technologies Software, controls, electric drives, hydraulics

Different machines - one partner for the solution


Modernizing installed systems with regard to safety technology can be complex when machines from different manufacturers and with different years of manufacture are concerned. However, it can also be simple, when Safety Specialists from Rexroth lend you a helping hand - as they did, for example, for Wickeder Westfahlenstahl. It was the objective of the company to modernize the rolling mill system consisting of three machines from different manufacturers in terms of safety technology within eight weeks. To this end, Wickeder Westfalenstahl used the consulting services of Bosch Rexroth.

Rexroth Safety Specialists accompanied the entire project from the risk assessment and the electric and hydraulic project planning to the implementation with their expertise. In the realization phase, Bosch Rexroth installed additional safety valve blocks and programmed the SafeLogic compact safety control which had been newly integrated into the rolling mill system. The experienced specialists made it possible for Wickeder Westfalenstahl to adhere to the scheduled time frame and to update the safety in a standard-compliant manner to the state of the art.


  • Safety on Board
  • Safety technology modernization
  • Machines from different manufacturers
  • Consulting and concept development
  • Hydraulic safety valves
  • Safety control programming

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