eLION Solutions

eLION Solutions

Perfectly-paired solutions adapted to market standards, seamlessly fitting
to various off-highway vehicle types.
Functional Safety

Functional Safety

  • According to ISO 13849-1, 25119 and 19014 for off-highway machinery
  • Safety level up to Category 3, PL d and AgPL d
  • Fast local reaction time (< 5 ms)
  • Safe torque off, communication, local I/O, and actual values
  • HV Interlock

Wheel-Driven Solutions

Wheel-Driven Solutions

  • Compact 3 or 4 stage planetary gearbox
  • Integrated static, hydraulic operated parking brake
  • Output torque up to 42,000 Nm
  • Designed for high-speed electric motors
  • Optional mechanical disconnection

Axle-driven solutions

Axle-Driven Solutions

  • 1 and 2 speed gearbox (dropbox)
  • Max. output torque up to 7,650 Nm
  • Fast and smooth shifting (<< 1 sec)
  • Designed for high-speed electric motors
  • Minimum installation effort and flexible alignment

Implement and Sytronix Solutions

Implement and Sytronix Solutions

  • Direct pump and motor coupling
  • Standardized pump interfaces according to SAE J744 and ANSI B92.1
  • Variable displacement
  • Pressure, power, and flow control
  • Single- or multiple-pump assemblies

System Solutions

Perfectly-Paired Solutions

  • Electric components paired perfectly with one another
  • Protection class up to IP6K9K
  • Compact and modular for power and torque scaling
  • Wide range of power (up to 200 kW) - perfect for many vehicle functions
  • CAN J1939 interfaces