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BODAS Tools 

Parameterization and Diagnostics with BODAS-service
A PC software system can be used to easily and comfortably parameterize and diagnose BODAS controllers. Machine values, parameters and diagnostic messages are displayed in plain text. This facilitates fast access to diagnostics. Parameters can be easily set, even without programming knowledge. With the integrated data logger, you can plot measured variables over time. This considerably simplifies optimization of the machine parameters.
Password protection ensures that the machine operator has access to diagnostic facilities at all times while at the same time ensuring that no unauthorized changes can be made to parameters.

Programming with BODAS-design or BODAS C-API
BODAS-design is a development environment for the comfortable programming of BODAS controllers. You use this tool to create software on a graphical PC interface in the programming languages of the IEC61131-3 standard. BODAS-design supports you during this process with integrated simulation and debugging functions. Development documentation is generated automatically. In this way, you can quickly and efficiently create custom and high-quality application software for BODAS controllers.
The BODAS C-API (C application interface) supplies you with predefined controller functions in a library. You can use these to easily transfer the programs written in C to BODAS controllers.

Development Accessories
For commissioning or machine diagnostics, you can use the measuring port to comfortably and easily measure all of the controller's electrical signals.
During the development of application software at the workplace, you can use the test box to simulate all of the BODAS controller's input and output signals.
You can use the BODAS Flashtool to load application software from the PC onto a BODAS controller via the serial or CAN interface.







BODAS-design Library/Template 

Parameterization, Diagnostics and Programming
Type Designation
BODAS-service PC software for parameterization and diagnostics and flashtool for downloading software
BODAS-design Development environment according to IEC 61131-3
C-API C application program interface

Type Designation
MA Measuring port for controller signals
TB3 Test box for software development
BODAS-design Library/Template Software library for BODAS-design

Type Designation Download
BODAS-design 3.0.17
Release notes
Demo version of development tool IEC 61131-3
BODAS-design demo version 3.0 (250 MB)
BODAS-design 3.0 Setup
BODAS-design 3.0.17 (250 MB)
BODAS-design Target Setup
BODAS-design Target Setup (86.3 MB)
BODAS-service 3.5
Release notes
Demo version of diagnosis tool BODAS-service
BODAS-service demo version 3.5 (71.6 MB)
BODAS-service 3.5 Setup
BODAS-service Update 3.5 (71.6 MB)
You will receive updates for BODAS tools in the phase-out program on request

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