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Motors and gearboxes
Linear motors
MCL – dynamic and compact

  Linear motor without iron core
  • Maximum force up to 3.320 N
  • Maximum speeds up to 1,400 m/min
  • Excellent synchronization, no cogging forces
  • Low own weight, high acceleration and dynamics
  • Simple integration thanks to various mounting planes
Ironless MCL linear motors position small masses with superior precision and maximum synchronization. Compared to iron core motors, these motors distinguish themselves with the ironless design of the primary part, which contains the fully compound-filled three-phase copper winding. The U-shaped secondary part contains permanent magnets and encloses the primary part. This design means that there is no attraction or cogging force between the primary and secondary part and the force constant is linear.

These aspects, combined with the relatively small mass movement by the primary part, create a high level of dynamics with a very high degree of precision. The compact design provides different mounting planes for mounting primary and secondary parts, providing the highest flexibility in construction design. Optionally, the linear motors also come with a Hall sensor unit to detect the position for the initial commutation.

Typical areas in which ironless linear motors can be used are applications where it is important to move small masses at the maximum possible cycle speed with extremely high precision. That includes pick-and-place machines used in the semiconductor segment as well as those used in general automation processes. The exceptionally high synchronization of the MCL motors also makes them perfect for use in measuring and testing machines.

Project planning manual 
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PDF version 

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