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Servo drives

  Intelligent and reliable
  • Safety category 3, PL d, SIL 2
  • Extensive safety functions
  • Minimum response times
  • Independent of the control system
  • Easy integration into the machine
Whether in the case of machine tools or printing or packaging machinery, or assembly, handling or robotic applications, protecting personnel from uncontrolled machine movements is of absolutely paramount importance.

Clear rules laid down by the EU
All machine manufacturers have to carry out a pre-design hazard analysis and risk assessment. This is stipulated by the European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. And: the hazards that are found must be reduced on a step-by-step basis. Safety must be incorporated into the machines and meet "state-of-the-art" standards.
The ultimate in safety!
IndraDrive redefines state-of-the-art, because IndraDrive builds safety directly into the drive. This results in ultra-fast response times. So IndraDrive demonstrates what modern safety technology can and must achieve: IndraDrive is quicker because the motion is monitored where it is produced. This is the crucial advantage, in particular in the monitoring of direct drives or other highly dynamic drives.
Ultra-fast response times despite maximum drive dynamism.
With the IndraDrive, the new generation of drives from Rexroth, you use a whole range of safety functions in the drive itself—without going through the control system. This increases reliability, avoids the need for additional monitoring components, and reduces installation workload.
Redundancy of software and hardware modules within the drive makes this possible. The contactless monitoring of all the set limit values ensures extremely fast response times of less than 2 ms. Immediately after a fault is identified, all the drives are automatically shut down according to their chosen stop category (0, 1 or 2).
Safety functions within the drive itself provide effective protection for personnel and machinery
  • excellent reliability provided by certified, integrated safety functions
  • ultra-fast response times (< 2 ms) when the internal monitoring systems are activated
  • no need for additional measuring systems or analysis devices
  • online dynamization of the inputs and switch-off paths while machining is actually being carried out
  • PROFIsafe connection reduces development and installation workload and provides safe decentralized I/Os
  • certification expenses minimized, speedy series commissioning

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