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Product Catalog Mobile Hydraulics
Mobile Controls 
Mobile controls are control and safety systems for drive and working hydraulics of mobile equipment.
The range of products includes all hydraulic function elements necessary for this purpose such as direction, pressure, flow and check functions as well as the corresponding designs (mono- and plate blocks, plug-in and externally mounted elements). It is complemented by integrated electronic sensors, controls and control elements.


Control blocks
  • Open Center (OC)
  • Load Sensing (LS)
  • Load-independent flow distribution (LUDV)
  • Flow up to 1600 l/min
  • Nominal pressure up to 350/420 bar
  • Medium and high pressure
  • Mono-block and sandwich design
  • Mechanical, hydraulic, electromagnetic and electrohydraulic control with or without onboard electronics (OBE)
Valve modules
  • EHR control valves
  • Pipe burst safety valve
  • Stabilizing valves
  • Screw-in valves
  • Flow dividers
  • Pressure and flow valves
Pilot control devices
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Various characteristics
  • Low actuating forces
Power brake valves
  • Modular design
  • Compact design


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