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Electrohydraulic Hitch Control for Tractors EHC 

The electrohydraulic hitch control for tractors is an optimized, complete system consisting of hydraulic and electronic components, specially developed for the harsh conditions experienced in agricultural use.

  • Different system configurations for tractors of different power classes
  • Basic system with modified functionality for tractors with low and medium drive power
  • RC12-10 with CAN bus communication and the option for controlling additional functions, e.g. Tractor Valve Control TVC
  • EHR expansion levels: Automatic Hitch Control AHC, Pressure Relief Control PRC and Hitch Lowering Support HLS


EHR control panel 






EHC Components
Type Designation min. Max. value Supply
EHR control panel Control panel - - 8 ... 12 V
KMB Draft 25 kN 160 kN 8 ... 12 V / 5 V ±0,5 V
AN2 Angle sensor ± 17° ± 44° 8 ... 10,4 V / 5 V ±0,5 V
PO1 Position sensor - 10 mm 8 ... 12 V / 5 V ±0,5 V
PR2 Pressure sensor 0...160 bar 250 bar 5 V
RC12-10/30 Controller - - 12 V / 24 V

EHC Functions
Function Controller with software
Tractive effort, position and mixed control
External control (control of an attachment)
Pressure control
Anti-slip control in traction
Vibration damping
System diagnostics
Rear actuation
CAN bus
Flash programming via CAN
Alternative front/rear control
Simultaneous front/rear control
Automatic Hitch Control AHC (optional)

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