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Product Catalog Mobile Hydraulics
Rexroth offers a wide selection of planetary gearboxes for mobile and industrial applications and for wind turbines.
Planetary gearboxes in mobile applications are used as propel drives in tracked vehicles or as wheel drives in wheeled vehicles as well as swing drives for rotary motion and as winch drives for lifting and lowering loads.
The planetary gearboxes have two, three or more planetary stages. They are available with a number of different Rexroth hydraulic motor variants.
For industrial applications Rexroth supplies planetary gearboxes with two, three or four planetary stages or combined with spur gear stage or bevel stage. The planetary gearboxes are available with numerous Rexroth hydraulic motors. A combination with electric motors is also possible.
For wind turbines Rexroth supplies gearboxes. They convert the low rotor speed into high speed at the input into the generator. Since the 1980ies Rexroth has supplied more than 15,000 gearboxes tailored to the needs of specific wind turbine generations.


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