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Mobile Electronics
Electrohydraulic Header Height Control EMR 

Supplementing the hydraulic systems with electronics and sensor systems increases the variety of uses and harvesting performance of combine harvesters. Complex controls make for greater safety and relieve the burden on the machine operator.

  • Cutting table guided parallel to the ground
  • Optional: Slope compensation of the cutting table EMR operation modes

Operating Modes of the EMR
1. Transport mode:
Active vibration damping of the cutting table while driving
2. Position control:
Cutting table is maintained in the preselected position
3. Distance control:
Cutting table is maintained at the preselected cutting height
4. Ground pressure control:
Cutting table is guided over the ground with fixed contact pressure





EMR Components
Type Designation min. Max. value Supply
AN2 Angle sensor ± 17° ± 44° 8 ... 10,4 V / 5 V ±0,5 V
PO1 Position sensor - 10 mm 8 ... 12 V / 5 V ±0,5 V
PR2 Pressure sensor 0...160 bar 250 bar 5 V
SRC14-10 Controller - - 12 V ±30%

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