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Hägglunds hydraulic drive systems

The direct answer is often the best answer, especially when it comes to drive solutions. Hydraulic direct drives from Hägglunds give you a straight path to high performance, through shaft-mounted hydraulic motors, freely placed drive units and intelligent control. Powerful, compact and utterly reliable, our drive systems change the game in the toughest applications. But their greatest strength is the team behind them, committed to your productivity.

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Today’s Hägglunds – worth a fresh look

Hägglunds remains a strong part of Rexroth, but now we’re visibly stronger in our own right. An updated logo and bold new appearance highlight Hägglunds drive solutions, which have stood out for decades with their performance and uncompromising reliability. As a customer, you have everything to gain.

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Hägglunds solutions – a 360 commitment from first installation and onwards. It is not just the drives, for us it's all about keeping you productive and finding the solutions that you need. It's a partnership like no other. Drive solutions that provide uncompromising power, straight to the rotating shaft. Backed by world-class service and connected with our in-depth knowledge, they drive industrial, marine and mobile applications to new levels of efficiency.

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