Connected Hydraulics
Connected Hydraulics

Connected Hydraulics

More productivity and less energy and fluid

Self-contained actuators

CytroForce / CytroMotion

Compact self-contained actuators simplify design and streamline commissioning.

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Sustainable performance:

  • Up to 80 percent energy saving through integrated variable-speed pump drive with power-on-demand control system.
  • Integration into higher-level energy management systems.
  • Up to 75 percent less fluid volume compared to central design with a separate hydraulic power unit.
  • Reduction of median operating noise to below 75 dB(A).

More energy efficiency and less downtime

Aggregate Power Units

CytroBox / CytroPac

The new generation of hydraulic power units up to 30 kW combines a small footprint with a compact design. Integrated sensors, connectivity to superior controls, and integrated IoT service CytroConnect Solutions ensure higher availability.

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Sustainable performance:

  • Up to 80 percent energy saving compared to constantly driven power units are achieved through variable-speed pump drives (Sytronix), optimized tank degassing, and innovative cooling technology to replace separate cooling units.
  • Oil volume is reduced by up to 80 percent from 100 to 20 liters (CytroPac) and from 600 to 150 liters (CytroBox), while a 50 percent reduction in footprint saves valuable floor space.
  • CytroBox noise emissions of less than 75 dB(A) are significantly below a comparable conventional power unit.
  • Service specialists can remotely read out and analyze failure protocols and can guide local technicians through the repair; this avoids travel and the associated CO₂ emissions.

More dynamic performance and less energy consumption

Industrial Hydraulics, Connected Hydraulics: In addition to the pre-configured systems of the FcP, DRn, DFEn and SvP series, the Bosch Rexroth Sytronix product range also offers individual solutions.


Variable-speed drives for pumps significantly improve hydraulic systems. They combine the reliability and power of hydraulic systems with the energy efficiency and dynamics of electric drives.

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Sustainable performance:

  • Up to 80 percent reduction in energy consumption minimizes carbon footprint and operating costs.
  • The compact design saves installation space in the machine and in the control cabinet.
  • In many cases, the hydraulic control system can be simplified considerably and requires less hardware components.
  • Size of the tank and amount of fluid can be reduced up to 80 percent.

More safety and less carbon footprint

Industrial Hydraulics, Connected Hydraulics: Rexroth's subsea valve drive is an electromechanical drive with hydrostatic actuation that complements the range of traditional hydraulic and all-electric subsea drives for subsea control and production systems.

Subsea Valve Actuator SVA R2

With the same dimensions as hydraulic actuators, the electric SVA R2 replaces the need for umbilicals for hydraulic fluid power. Proven safety technology delivers a maintenance-free service life of 25 years at water depths of up to 4,000 meters.

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Sustainable performance:

  • Key innovation to enable economical carbon capture, utilization and storage as well as green hydrogen production, which also meets the enhanced safety requirements of this application.
  • The all-electric actuators eliminate mile-long hoses for hydraulic fluids and the associated risks of fluid leakage.
  • Operated with the low-voltage power of subsea sensors, SVA R2 replaces the need for a central hydraulic power unit above sea, which reduces the CO₂ emissions of subsea installations significantly.
  • SVA R2 can be retrofitted in brownfield applications.

More availability and less resources

CytroConnect Solutions

CytroConnect Solutions

With customized digital solutions, the CytroConnect Solutions packages MONITOR, MAINTAIN, and PREDICT support the maintenance of hydraulic systems. The modular approach ranges from a data visualization solution of the current machine condition to a rule-based condition monitoring solution and a predictive analytics service for performing predictive maintenance.

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Sustainable performance:

  • Customized data analyses support the early planning of maintenance measures and help to avoid unplanned downtime.
  • Condition monitoring reduces the time scheduled replacement of components that are still in good condition.
  • Remote access reduces travel activities and thus carbon emissions.

More recycling and less complexity

Direct drive system for shredders

Hägglunds direct drive systems

Direct drive systems comprise a hydraulic motor and a flexibly placed drive unit, overseen by a control and monitoring system. Hägglunds drive systems set the benchmarks for highest power density, torque and robustness in recycling applications.

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Sustainable performance:

  • Recycling is the entry point into a circular economy, feeding used material into new products and thereby saving resources.
  • Preparation of material for further processing and re-use requires drives with high torque and low or variable speeds.
  • Newest Hägglunds direct drives are up to 50 percent smaller and lighter than the previous generation, thus saving material and installation space.
  • Condition monitoring prevents unnoticed equipment deterioration, which would otherwise cause higher energy costs and reduced energy efficiency.
  • Small issues, such as fluid leaks due to worn-out seals, can also be prevented by condition monitoring and can be rectified before they have a significant environmental impact.