Transforming Mobile Machines
Transforming Mobile Machines

Transforming Mobile Machines

A vision for sustainability

More decarbonization and less noise

Mobile Hydraulics, Mobile Machines: With a view to sustainability, we at Bosch Rexroth offer solutions for off-highway electromobility with our application, system and technology know-how - from hybrid to fully electric machines.

eLION portfolio

eLION covers a wide range of components to electrify the power train of mobile machines, including a full range of electric motor-generators, inverters and accessories as well as tailored gearboxes, hydraulics and software.

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Sustainable Performance:

  • Replacing internal combustion engines in mobile machines with fully electric power trains enables emission-free, local operation of, for example, agricultural or construction machines.
  • Inverter safety functions in accordance with ISO 13849.
  • Supports all design concepts in order to accelerate the development of electric power trains for further decarbonization of the economy.

More functionality and less installation space

Mobile Hydraulics, Mobile Machines: The new electronically controlled open circuit (EOC) at Bosch Rexroth takes over all the previous hydraulic tasks and opens up degrees of freedom for new functions.

electronic Open Circuit eOC

Software and hydraulic components for dynamically controlling travel and working hydraulics functions in compact machines in one hydraulic circuit.

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Sustainable performance:

  • Shift of functions from hardware into software reduces the number of hardware components needed and saves material, installation space, and weight.
  • The energy consumption of the entire hydraulic system is optimized, resulting in lower fuel consumption or greater battery range.

More pressure and less material

Mobile Hydraulics, Mobile Machines: Rexroth´s Axial piston variable motor A36 is a High pressure pump for applications in closed circuits.

Axial piston unit A36VM / A4VG series 35

The hydraulic axial piston units allow higher travel speeds for mobile machines and raise the nominal pressure to 400 bar and the maximum pressure to 530 bar.

Product information for axial piston unit A36VM / A4VG series 35

Sustainable performance:

  • The higher efficiency of the travel drive results in lower consumption.
  • The optimized design delivers more compact dimensions and greater power density, while also saving material.
  • Lower noise emissions.

More data and less waste

Mobile Hydraulics, Mobile Machines: Get Mobile Machins connected with the Rexroth BODAS Connect – Telematics & IoT. The IoT Gateway software makes your machine and process data more transparent.

BODAS Connect – telematics & IoT

Modular all-in-one connectivity solution for transferring data from and to the mobile machine with device management, data management, and ready-to-use apps for fleet management, vehicle health, remote R&D services, and vehicle operation workflows.

Product information for BODAS Connect – Telematics & IoT

Sustainable performance:

  • Used for instance in precision farming to control the use of fertilizer or pesticides to save resources and reduce waste.
  • Optimization of travel routes to save fuel or battery capacity.
  • Condition monitoring and remote access “over the air” increase availability and reduce on-site visits of maintenance technicians, thereby lowering the carbon footprint of field service.