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A vision for sustainability

More precise picking/placing and less equipment resources

Factory Automation, Linear Motion Technology: SmartFlexEffektor is a compensation unit with active measuring function for higher precision in six degrees of freedom, e.g. for handling robots and cartesian systems.

Smart Flex Effector

The sensor-based compensation unit with an active measuring function makes industrial robots sensitive like a human hand. It increases precision and opens up completely new areas of application in factory automation.

Product information for Smart Flex Effector

Sustainable performance:

  • Increases precision of assembly or joining processes of robots and cartesian systems.
  • Future-proof solution can be retrofitted at any time – enables upgrading of installed workstations.
  • Efficient – reduced downtimes and increased productivity.
  • Integrated quality monitoring.

More engineering efficiency and less energy consumption

Factory Automation, Linear Motion Technology: SmartFuncitonKit is a system consisting of cylinder mechanics, regulator, control system and software to set up automatic program sequences for pressing and joining processes.

Smart Function Kit Pressing

Mechatronic solution with scalable hardware and software for pressing and joining applications with forces from 2 to 70 kN. The modular servo press combines mechanical and electrical components as well as software to form a subsystem.

Product information for Smart Function Kit for Pressing

Sustainable performance:

  • Energy-efficient electromechanical cylinders as the main component.
  • Easy product selection and configuration of predefinded kits with modern eTools.
  • Plug & produce: Easy and fast installation via commissing wizard and automatic parametrization of the servo drive.
  • Intuitive and fast graphical programming of the process.

More precision and less components

Factory Automation, Linear Motion Technology: IMScompact is suitable for numerous handling tasks in automation. It enables measurement lengths of up to 17,8 meters and is available for ball rail system.

Integrated measuring system IMScompact

Fully integrated measuring sensor in the runner block minimizes installation space, while also increasing precision and robustness.

Product information for integrated measuring system IMScompact

Sustainable performance:

  • Higher function integration reduces the number of components.
  • Lower energy consumption as no compressed air required for cleaning, e.g. as with the glass scale.
  • Resource-efficient due to longer lifetime, shock and vibration resistance.

Maximum system availability and less lubricant consumption

Factory Automation, Linear Motion Technology: The Bosch Rexroth Ball rails are manufactured so precisely, that each individual element can be exchanged at any time.

Ball rail systems and ball screw drives

Linear motion technology with maximum lifetime and minimal consumption in operation.

Product information for ball rail systems and ball screw drives

Sustainable performance:

  • Maximum machine availability thanks to durable components.
  • Interchangeability for all types of linear guides.
  • Long relubrication intervals up to lifetime lubrication.

More energy efficiency and less installation space

Factory Automation, Linear Motion Technology: Rexroth's electromechanical cylinders are a powerful alternative to pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders and are very energy efficient.

Electromechanical cylinder EMC / EMC-HP

Mechatronic plug & run actuators for powerful linear motions from 0.4 kN to 100 kN in a wide variety of applications.

Product information for electromechanical cylinder EMC / EMC-HP

Sustainable performance:

  • Less energy consumption than pneumatic driven actuators.
  • Lifetime lubrication in low load applications saves resources.
  • Compact: minimal installation space, easy to integrate.
  • Pre-assembled system from a single source – including mechanics, drive and controller.

More scalability and less waste of resources

Value Stream Battery Production

Sustainable battery production

Raw materials account for a large part of the costs when manufacturing lithium-ion cells. With Bosch Rexroth solutions which are designed for production efficiency, you can reduce both raw materials consumption and costs in the long term. At the end of the product life cycle, battery packs are dismantled down to their individual parts. The individual fractions can then be sorted and reintroduced into the cycle.

As technology partners of the Circular Economy, we support reintroduction of valuable raw materials into the manufacturing process – with scalable and economical system solutions.

Information for battery production

Sustainable performance:

  • Covering the complete life cycle from production to recycling with a broad factory automation portfolio.
  • As a strong partner with a global presence, we support the huge demand for transformation to electrified mobility with globally standardized products and local support to enable fast ramp-up and efficient production.
  • Standardized plug & produce solutions enable improved production processes due to less engineering and commissioning effort with faster time to market based on the open automation system ctrlX AUTOMATION.
  • Accelerated development and optimization of electric axes on eAxle test stands using ctrlX AUTOMATION and IndraDrive ML.
  • Automation solutions for scalable production of batteries based on ctrlX AUTOMATION portfolio, linear and assembly technology.
  • End-of-line testing and charging of batteries with up to 1,000 kW power.
  • Battery recycling station with diagnosis, automated conveying, and tools enables safe, traceable, and flexible disassembly with operator guidance.
  • Discharging of batteries and reuse of the energy as a first step in the recycling of batteries and entry point into a circular economy.

More green AIoT and less engineering effort

Factory Automation, Linear Motion Technology: Rexroth's electromechanical cylinders are a powerful alternative to pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders and are very energy efficient.


ctrlX AUTOMATION surmounts the classic boundaries between machine controls, the IT world and the Internet of Things. With a Linux real-time operating system, consistently open standards, app programming technology, web-based engineering and a comprehensive IoT connection, ctrlX AUTOMATION reduces components and engineering costs by 30 to 50%.

Product information for ctrlX CORE

Product information for ctrlX World

Sustainable performance:

  • Transparency of energy and material consumption with ctrlX CORE, e.g. as a machine or building controller or as an edge gateway running ctrlX World partner apps for collecting and visualizing data from installed and new machines.
  • Energy-efficient control of production and processing machines with ctrlX CORE, e.g. by means of energy-efficient sleep modes or energy-flexible operations necessary for mapping fluctuating energy prices/supplies of renewables.
  • Optimized process control or quality control in the manufacturing process based on intelligent algorithms increases productivity and reduces waste. The open architecture of ctrlX AUTOMATION allows direct access to all data in the controller, massively simplifies the integration of AI functions, and ensures secure data exchange between the applications based on numerous interfaces.
  • Decarbonization enabled by open ecosystems. The green factory of the future will orchestrate all elements of energy production, storage, and consumption.

More functionality and less installation space

Most compact modular drive system ctrlX DRIVE


The most compact modular drive system in the world with space-saving dimensions and maximum scalability, virtually unlimited combination options for users, and sophisticated web-based engineering tools.

Product information for ctrlX DRIVE

Sustainable performance:

  • Lower energy consumption due to DC bus coupling in multi-axis operation.
  • 50 percent more compact than previous version, and torque density increased by 30 percent resulting less installation space and weight.
  • No need for energy-intensive control cabinet cooling due to the use of decentralized drive technology.
  • Reduced power peaks due to electric and kinetic buffering.
  • Reuse of braking energy thanks to mains recovery.
  • Control of reactive power and reduced harmonics with active infeed modules.
  • Efficient, high-performance servo motors with new efficient holding brake.

More versatility and less energy consumption

Factory Automatio, Assembly Technology: With its proven transfer systems, Rexroth offers economical, scalable transport solutions for almost any application.

Transfer systems

Economical transport solutions for any workpiece and any batch size in all applications.

Product information for transfer systems

Sustainable performance:

  • Less energy consumption due to motors with highest efficiency class IE3.
  • Wear-free linear motor without gearbox.
  • Reusability in modular manufacturing and assembly lines saves resources.
  • TS2 pv for photovoltaics and TS5/7 for battery production increase production efficiency during the manufacturing of green technologies.

More transparency and less inventory

Factory Automatio, Assembly Technology: The autonomous transport system ActiveShuttle it is implemented quickly without adapting your existing factory infrastructure, intuitive to operate, completely connected and safe to use.


Autonomous mobile robot for the automation and standardization of intralogistics.

Product information for ActiveShuttle

Sustainable performance:

  • On-demand delivery reduces inventory in factories and material in circulation.
  • Lower inventories reduce the space required in production and in the warehouse.
  • With a synchronized flow of material and information, all of which are completely traceable, the vehicle and material can be located at any time.

More light and less energy

Factory Automatio, Assembly Technology: With its LED luminaires, Rexroth offers glare-free light thanks to the combination of parabolic louvre and diffuser foil, while saving 60% energy.

LED lamps

Ergonomic lighting of workplaces with high light output, low energy consumption and compact dimensions.

Product information for LED lamps

Sustainable performance:

  • 60% energy savings compared to conventional workstation lighting, high light output with low energy consumption.
  • Less waste due to better visibility.
  • Less material needed due to longer service life.

More traceability and less energy consumption

Factory Automation, Assembly Technology: The screwdriving systems from Bosch Rexroth ensure reliable and safe screwdriving with an integrated digital single-cable solution and interference-free data transmission.

Tightening systems

Tightening solutions for highest process reliability with documentation of all tightening sequences and traceability of safety-critical joints.

Product information for tightening systems

Sustainable performance:

  • Up to 90 per cent less energy consumption, carbon emissions, oil, and material compared to pneumatic tighteners.
  • Controlled fitting enables the use of the smallest possible screws, which saves weight und helps to reduce vehicle CO₂ emissions.
  • The ergonomically optimized design relieves workers and avoids accidents.