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Live stream camera lens
Hannover Messe

7 ways to get ahead

At this year’s virtual Hannover Messe, our experts are doing live streams on some hot topics. Whether you want to know how to make the Factory of the Future a reality, how to reduce your environmental impact or how to meet the challenges of the industry, our live streams will help you to get ahead of the curve.

Factory of the Future

With our experience and solutions, you can start to make the Factory of the Future a reality and the impossible possible. In this live stream, you’ll learn how to manage the challenges of tomorrow, how to successfully shape the transformable factory, how to bring the intelligent room to life and how to get real benefits from virtual production.

Factory of the Future


ctrlX AUTOMATION surmounts the classic boundaries between machine controls, the IT world and the Internet of Things. Don’t miss this opportunity to find out how you can reduce your components and engineering costs by 30 to 50% and explore the ctrlX AUTOMATION portfolio in our live stream.

Collaborative robots in action

Digitalization has changed the industry. Product lifecycles have become shorter. Customers want individualized products and competition is increasing. Our APAS robots can help you to navigate these challenges. Find out how our collaborative robots fit seamlessly into the industry 4.0 environment in this live stream.

Collaborative robots

Sustainable productivity

Whether you work with recycling or other environmental applications, or whether you’d simply like to reduce your environmental impact, our Hägglunds hydraulic drive solutions offer reliable ways to help achieve your goals. In this live stream, our expert panel will explain how Hägglunds drive technology, service and knowledge can shrink your footprint while helping grow your business.

Your added value with Connected Hydraulics

What do you expect from industrial hydraulics? Drastic simplification in engineering? A radically shortened commissioning phase? New ways of meeting important customer demands – such as more availability, more productivity, more energy efficiency? Whatever you need from fluid technology, you’ll find the answers in this live stream about Connected Hydraulics.

Connected Hydraulics

Thinking outside the box

Do you want to discover new ways to approach your automation challenges, protect the environment and secure your future? If so, join this live stream, in which our experts will demonstrate how electrification can be applied in a smart way to achieve these objectives, using best practices from the civil engineering and process industries. You’ll also get to see our new subsea valve actuator – a disruptive innovation that’s been nominated for this year’s Hermes Award.

Smart MechatroniX

In this live stream, you’ll learn why our Linear Motion Technology should be a vital part of your Factory of the Future. Join our live stream and be inspired by the next level of mechatronics – where product selection is easy, where commissioning is faster than ever before and where programming is not what you previously understood by programming.

Connected Hydraulics