A person in the Bosch Rexroth graduate specialist program with arms outstretched in front of lake
A person in the Bosch Rexroth graduate specialist program with arms outstretched in front of lake

Expanding horizons with our graduate program

At Bosch Rexroth we celebrate true expertise and innovation – both of which are the cornerstones of our Graduate Specialist Program. Graduates are given the time and resources needed to hone their skills in their chosen field. With challenging tasks, professional responsibilities, and in-depth training, both in Germany and abroad, our program ensures graduates can navigate their next career steps with confidence.

Participants enrolling on the Bosch Rexroth Graduate Specialist Program can undertake placements across a wide range of areas within the business, including Production, Research & Development, Controlling, Logistics, HR, Technical Purchasing, Technical Sales, and IT.

Each graduate is allocated their own mentor for the duration of their 24-month graduate program. Together they decide on an individual’s specific placements, taking into account their background and experience, as well as current projects being undertaken by the company.

The benefits of the training program for graduates

Several months of a graduate’s placement will be spent training abroad – which is an important part of our graduate program. A study by the British Council* reported that international experiences led to increased confidence, better communication skills, more developed analytical and critical thinking skills, and enhanced creativity, in the majority of cases.

Participants on our graduate program also benefit from the following:

  • Developing expertise and gaining experience in specialist departments under the guidance of expert colleagues, as well as a mentor.
  • Meeting and working with a diverse range of people, each with different perspectives, backgrounds and experience.
  • Establishing new contacts.
  • Learning or developing a foreign language.

Graduates get a permanent employment contract from the beginning of the graduate specialist program, and once they’ve finished, they will begin a technical or project role at Bosch Rexroth.

The benefits of the graduate program for Bosch Rexroth

By offering international training opportunities, we can attract talented people who have ambitions to work abroad. Graduates completing the program bring global skills, fresh perspectives and new ideas to the company, which helps improve our performance and innovation.

So what do our graduates think of the Bosch Rexroth Graduate Specialist Program?

We asked some of the people who’ve participated in the program about their experience.

Jan Kraemer while in the Bosch Rexroth graduate program in front of hills and trees

Jan Krämer – graduated in Industrial Engineering and Management

I started the graduate program in May 2022 and will finish in April 2024. So far, I’ve worked in the Logistics department on topics in the information flow and material flow, as well as in the Controlling department. And in the next rotation I’ll be working on data analytics in logistics.

Working and training abroad is one of the most important reasons why I chose the graduate program. (I spend 18 months in Germany and six months in Slovenia). Living and working abroad is completely different to travelling to a place as a tourist. Staying in Slovenia for 6 months gave me time to travel around, get to know some locals and visit some of the country’s hidden gems.

The graduate specialist program also helped me to build on the knowledge I gained during my studies and to put it into practice, as well as getting great insight into the commercial side of the company. The rotations between different departments have been great – it’s been so interesting to see how different supervisors work and lead their teams. I’ve built a large network of colleagues within the company already, which will help a lot after I complete the program.

Leonie Ermert – graduated in Mathematics

I finished the graduate program in June 2022. When I graduated, I didn’t fully know how I’d work best, so working in different settings helped me understand which environment enables me to reach my full potential. I also learned how to get to know new people quickly and adapt to new environments.

I worked for 19 months in Germany and five months in Sweden. When I was at school and university I spent time abroad and enjoyed it, so I consciously chose a job where I would have the opportunity to travel.

One of the important things I learned on the graduate program was that culture affects the way people work. In my current role as a Process Expert, I work with people from all around the world, so I always keep in mind that I may do things differently to others. This includes obvious things like communication, but also the way decisions are made, data is understood and how success is defined.

Leonie Ermert while in the Bosch Rexroth graduate program in front of rocky formations covered in snow and ice
Pascal Wuertz while in the Bosch Rexroth graduate program standing on top of snow covered mountain

Pascal Würtz – graduated in Mechanical Engineering

I was on the program from April 2018 until March 2020, during which time I worked in Germany and Romania.

I discovered it’s important to be open-minded, to be patient and thankful, and to learn from and with new people. While doing my training abroad, I also learned that other cultures have different mindsets and ways of approaching challenges. Everybody has their own strengths, which can have a huge impact on enabling a team to reach their goals.

The graduate specialist program taught me a lot about Linear Motion Technology, as well as about Bosch Rexroth as a company. I grew a network and established positive connections to many people. Since I completed the graduate program, I worked in manufacturing planning, before becoming a digitization specialist. These roles took me from Germany, to Romania, to China. I’ve just started a new role as Group Lead of our international manufacturing coordination group.