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Learning story Homepage

The Power of Learning: Unlocking Your Potential for Success

Learning is a cornerstone of success at Bosch Rexroth – it’s a crucial part of adapting to evolving technologies, market dynamics, and customer demands. Our culture prioritizes learning and professional development, fostering both the desire to innovate, and the drive to succeed.

We empower individuals to take ownership of their development and shape their own path. Our structured training programs ensure associates acquire the skills to progress, with personalized learning journeys that enhance career development and improve motivation.

Diverse Learning Formats
Our learning initiatives include face-to-face training, mentoring, online platforms, and community-based learning. These methods ensure both accessibility and effectiveness, catering for diverse learning preferences and needs.

Digital Transformation
Maximilian Dommermuth, Head of Training at the Bosch Rexroth Academy, explains how AI is used to great effect: “We provide tailored learning paths for both internal employees and external customers, leveraging AI to identify knowledge gaps and offering hands-on training in our learning factories. Our innovative approach was recognized with the Factory Innovation Award at Hannover Messe 2024.”

What do our associates think?

We asked some of our associates to share their perspectives on Bosch Rexroth’s approach to learning.

Image of Ning Yanrui and team

"We've discovered that the success of digitalization relies on people's competence. While motivating staff for digital transformation training can be challenging, our team has effectively implemented it by establishing role models, fostering learning environments and celebrating achievements."

Ning Yanrui – Senior Department Manager, Digitalization and IT Solutions, Beijing

"Continuous learning is crucial for the Technical Functions department. It supports production with specialized expertise and adapts to rapid technological changes, through personalized qualification matrices and digital training opportunities."

Florian Patzolt – Senior Manager, Technical Functions, Digitalization and Production

Image of Florian Patzolt
Image of Manfred Bauer

Image source: Bosch/Fotostudio Eder

"I prioritize sharing knowledge and fostering development among my team, and I recognize the importance of learning and feedback when it comes to achieving our goals.

I empower each team member to contribute their opinions and strengths, as this encourages diverse thinking and explores new paths in problem-solving. I also utilize training opportunities when needed."

Manfred Bauer – Head of Logistics, Bosch Rexroth GmbH, Austria

"Having joined Bosch Rexroth Brazil six years ago, I never imagined how it would shape my career. From learning-by-doing in business intelligence, to advancing into software development, the journey has been transformative and has culminated in a new opportunity in Germany for continued growth on a global scale."

Thayse Sousa – Engineer for Quality Management and Methods

Image of Thayse Sousa

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