Ulm People Perspective
Ulm People Perspective

A world of expertise in one place

At the heart of our world lies the Customer and Innovation Center in Ulm. A place where minds and technology meet to push the boundaries of factory automation, industrial hydraulics and mobile machines.

The CU.BE building at our Customer and Innovation Center is a place where our customers can come face-to-face with the future. CU.BE stands for CUstomer BEnefits, which aptly reflects our commitment to create customer-facing solutions. CU.BE opened its doors in the summer of 2021 and is now a place where we can work collaboratively, exchange ideas and make plans for new projects, and you can experience current and future solutions first-hand.

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The home of customer experience

In addition to providing a contact hub for customers, users, partners and our employees, CU.BE is a center for collaborations. A place where ideas are exchanged, and new projects are born - with our customers at the heart of what we do.

The CU.BE customer experience is achieved using numerous exhibits, components and system solutions – providing a full overview of the latest technologies all in one place. Prototypes and demonstrations are also used to offer a glimpse into innovations, disruptive developments and upcoming trends.

Everything at CU.BE is focused on exploring technologies, using our cross-divisional expertise and finding the best ways to create innovative solutions with real CUstomer BEnefits.

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Meet the team

It must be said that CU.BE is a remarkable place to be, not only for our customers, but also for employees of Bosch Rexroth. Here are four personal insights into life at CU.BE and our employees’ daily journey of innovation.

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EMPLOYEE INSIGHT Katharina Hofmann

Katharina works in International Key Account Management, supporting in sales steering and strategy. Her time at CU.BE has enabled her to meet and work alongside people from various divisions, she remarks “Being surrounded by different perspectives, cultures and nationalities has given me the opportunity to widen my own horizon.”

The kind of opportunities CU.BE can offer employees became evident shortly after Katharina started working there “I started this job two years ago, so I am still a newbie in the field and I have a lot to learn. I met one of our Global Key Account Managers in the coffee kitchen and we started to talk about our activities. He invited me to schedule a meeting the next time he was in Ulm, when he will share more of his experience and knowledge with me. I am sure I will learn a lot. I would never have had this opportunity had I not been working at CU.BE.” she commented.

Katharina sites another example of the benefits of CU.BE in the field of sales strategy “I met a trainee colleague and when we were discussing our current work it transpired that he has a deep knowledge in the strategic field, where I was developing my own concept. We were perfect sparring partners. He offered his support and helped me move my concept a huge step forward. Without meeting him here, we would never have collaborated.”

Katharina believes that the open workspaces have greatly helped encourage collaboration “There is somebody here from nearly every function and technology” she says, “Very often, when I am looking for a contact, I find the right person around here. I don’t have to arrange meetings and agendas; I can walk right up and introduce myself.”

She also believes that cross divisional development means innovation can be delivered faster for our customers “CU.BE gives customers the opportunity to discuss new ideas during the development process and highlight the demands of their business.”

Katharina Hofmann


Özge Karadag is a Data Analyst within the Sales Excellence team “I analyze the customer and their sales behaviour data and create dashboards to assist our colleagues all around the world to steer their sales activities. Additionally, I am a corporate social media influencer for the AIoT topic on Linkedin” Özge tells us.

She describes the city of Ulm as a key benefit of working at CU.BE “The location is amazing as it creates a lot of flexibility when it comes to travel and the population is young and diverse.” She enjoys the experience of working in Ulm both professionally and in her personal life.

When it comes to her work life, Özge says being able to meet with different departments has made it easier to promote the importance of data management to a diverse pool of professionals. CU.BE has enabled her to encounter different professionals face to face and increase the value of data throughout the business. “As I work in an open office environment, I can meet with people from different departments and create discussions and collaborations. Additionally, it has made me more visible as a person and dramatically increased my networking opportunities. I have held a lot of events in the Techpark which have made it easier for me to develop my knowledge of the business.”

The center has given Özge the opportunity to meet with different BU’s and members of the central team. Each day, she embraces the chance to sit down with someone new from different disciplines or departments. She also recognizes that the presence of the management team at the center allows her to reach out more easily to them.

Özge recognizes that the center is having an immense impact on customers too, enabling them to experience our vision of the future. They also get to work with our young, international team which offers them a diverse and enriching learning experience.

Ozge Karadag


Daniel Bauer is a Product Owner leading a product team at Smart MechatroniX. Daniel believes the location at Ulm nurtures inspiration in everyone that visits, and that the open-minded culture and spirit of invitation drives peoples’ willingness to go the extra mile “I love the interactions cross-BU and the spirit of the employees at the CU.BE.”

Daniel has thrived working in the CU.BE environment, running customer presentations, exhibitions and workshops. He enjoys the culture of openness and the opportunity to break-away in various glass meeting rooms. In addition, he comments “We also have a room for our team to build our robotics laboratory, where we can develop and test our products and share them with customers.”

This gives customers an excellent impression of our spirit to innovate – allowing them to experience our facilities first-hand.

Daniel Bauer


Sophia Endres is a Project Manager for the CU.BE in charge of managing all the events that take place at the center “I arrange guided visits for internal staff, external visitors and our customers and partners” she says.

Sophia believes that CU.BE is an open and diverse environment offering endless opportunities for personal growth “There is an open plan setup, great communication and an open flow of ideas among all business units and functions. You can connect easily, talk directly, and overcome all the usual business hurdles.”

She also believes that customers benefit greatly from CU.BE by experiencing our full product portfolio for themselves. The center enables us to take onboard their requirements, develop better product in less time and share our knowledge and experience on a daily basis.

Sophia Endres


Joerg Heckel works at the center on New Business Projects. He believes that CU.BE provides a new and inspiring venue to hold exhibitions and meet colleagues from different departments. Joerg says “The center encourages networking and collaboration opportunities, thanks to its open-plan design. That sense of freedom and inspiration is increased by wonderful far-reaching views of the Alps. It’s a remarkable place.”

CU.BE provides a hub to connect with people of all hierarchy levels to exchange ideas “That means things get done more quickly and different people joining in with new and unexpected collaborations” he says. “It’s a place to get inspired, interact with motivated people, and deliver innovative products and solutions.”

Joerg also believes the impact of the CU.BE is felt by everyone who visits – whether it’s customers, team workshops or candidates attending interviews. It never fails to impress.

Joerg Heckel

If you would like to learn more about our Customer and Innovation Center and perhaps arrange a visit, you can find further information on our website.

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